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IRELANDs No.1 Live Drone TEAM


Live drone filming

There’s no doubt that capturing your live event from the sky will enhance the quality of your production and our experienced team are unmatched in the area of live drone production. With an emphasis on safety and a dedication to creative excellence we are massively proud to be the first and only production house to shoot Ireland’s biggest live events and we’d love to work with you on yours. 

Drone cinematography

We love to shoot for TV, film and corporate video productions. No two productions are the same, and we love to work on projects big and small, near and far, in the great outdoors and even indoors.

Aerial photography

With a background in photography, we can capture any image from above giving your subject a unique perspective.


DJI M600 Pro

Our heavy lift is for live productions that requires a zero latency video feed and short zoom lens for sports events. Its built-in safety protocols are second to none, using a triple redundancy flight controller.

Inspire 2

This light weight drone is our go to for urban flights where latency isn’t as important. It can fly faster and longer than a heavy lift at a fraction of the cost. The Super 35mm sensor on the X7 camera has great low-noise image capture that preserves details in both the highlight and dark areas. Its a much safer option for large crowds and inner city operations with a double redundancy flight controller and battery system.

RF Links

We take care of the tough technical bits too so you don’t have to.  We use a range of broadcast hardware that enables us to send high quality HD images across long distances that are bespoke to our needs. Our service is end to end, we supply the OB truck with an SDI 1080 50i picture. 


We provide stunning drone shots for live TV coverage of major sporting and tourism events, and we shoot for series productions, documentaries, music videos and corporate productions.

Whatever the project, we promise to carry out our drone operations professionally, safely, cost effectively and with spectacular results.

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Check out behind the scenes of Ireland’s only drone company to deliver live coverage for broadcast television for the country’s biggest sports and tourism events.